Andrew's Honey


Honeycomb your palette to a sweeter state of mmmm...


  • Flaming Frenchy

  • -On a baking tray lay phyllo dough in the middle place the round of BRIE cheese
    -Slice Andrew's Honeycomb horizontally into thin slices
    -Place on top of the Brie cheese until fully covered -Place thinly sliced smoked ham (optional)
    -Place one layer of thin slices of your favourite fruit, (apple, berry, cherries, peaches, etc )
    -Fold either flaps of phyllo dough over the top of your tower, one over the other, making sure to cover it pinch and press together
    -Cut little crosses on the top with a sharp knife

    -bake at 350 for 10 minutes until lightly brown not yet golden

    -heat congac until bubbling
    -drop in any left over nuts and or fruits
    -pour on top of baked brie quickly and then set a flame and serve

  • Yo'Mamas Beezwax

  • -Heat a small skillet to med-high flame -Slide a couple shavings of decadent butter making sure it stays in the pan and doesnt jump up and zap you
    -Pour 1/4cup or more of either:
    -Immediately add 1/8 slice of Andrew's HoneyComb
    -Bring to high heat and blaze for under ONE Minute
    -Wait 5 seconds then squeeze some lemon/or orange
    -Wait 10more seconds- and turn it off
    -Scrape out and on top of Mexican Queso fresco (fresh milk cheese)
    -Sprinkle with Ceylon Cinnamon and or optional Ginger
    -Any remaining sauce from the concoction drizzle on top and for more kick prod cheese with a sharp fork
    -Pour 1/2 cup of your preferred liquor into the saucepan
    -Add 1-2 table spoons of Andrew's Honey and sprinkle your favourite spice: nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, rosemary etc
    -Heat on medium constantly stirring until it bubbles
    -Drizzle a little at a time on your porous cheese
    -Any left over? add it into your tea...:)

    -Serve with grapes, hot baguette, toast, or sponge cake and either hot or chilled Earl Grey tea, Jasmine Tea, Passion,Mango, or Rose tea....or anything really and if its a congenial party spice that drink with some brandy!

  • Nutty and Drunk Chicken with a Wasabi Honey Glaze

  • -Medium heat Sautee 1 large grated garlic tooth and 1/2 large white Onoin and a bag of Pearl Onoins in a sauce pan with butter until somewhat traslucent keep covered
    -Reduce to LOW heat and splash some brandy/or cointreau
    -let simmering covered

    while in a separate saucepan..

    -1 tablespoon of jasmine tea
    -Add 2-3 tablespoons of Andrew's Honey (varies in grade of sweetness)
    -Stir constantly while adding
    -1 tspn of wasabi at a time until it is to your desired heat
    -Reduce heat and cover for 3 minutes
    -Turn both off

    -Clean your Chicken
    -Lay in a baking platter and start injecting the juices from the two saucepans into the chicken, focusing on the breast
    -Stuff the chicken with the drained onions
    -in a bowl mix 1/2 an avocado, 1/4 chunk of Andrew's HoneyComb, and 2 tspn or more of wasabi
    -mix with an electric wisk or manually with a spoon until smooth but chunky and a tablespoon of cream mix
    and a dash of apple cider vinegar
    -pour or plop this (depending on texture) onto onion mix inside the chicken

    -Cover and bake for 1 hour at 350F

    -Place toothpicks into 1/2 bag of washed green grapes and freeze
    -Stove roast walnuts (place 1/8 slice HoneyComb in with 1 cup of walnuts over a medium heat and stir until sticky and fully coated)

    -Once chicken is cooked thoroughly brush the leftover honey/wasabi mix onto chicken or pour evenly
    -Dip grapes into mixture as well and then place the opposite sideof the toothpick into your chicken so that the grapes are sticking out of the chicken in a festive manner
    -Spoon clusters of walnuts on and around the chicken

    -Option 1: oven set to broil and place on medium rack open to the flame for a couple seconds - keep an eye on it- it can burn easily you only want to brown it
    -Option 2: flame torch it until brown al around

    -Sprinkle slightly with sesame seeds

    -Serve with Rosemary steamed Potatoes and Parsnips or
    -A Watercress/or arugula/or spinach salad with thin sliced green apples and a white wine vinegar+tuscan olive oil or white truffle oil dressing


  • chop little chunks of honey comb into your vinaigrettes

  • Example:
    *olive oil
    *sliced strawberries
    *and chunks of honey comb


  • Honey and Ice
  • -tear mint or basil leaves and place them into the bottom of ice cube molds
    -cut a couple little shavings of Andrew's HoneyComb and plop those on top
    -add water and freeze

  • Make it Simple!

  • -In the Freezer: 2 Ice cube trays with shredded basil and mint leaves, Andrew's HoneyComb, and water
    -Pitcher: 2 bottles White wine, optional 1/2 Champagne,1/2 cup frozen mixed berries or for tangyness: 2 chopped bars of Trader Joes tropical popsicles

  • Make it Fancy!
  • -line sphere ice molds with wax paper
    -fill with Andrew's Honey and any fruits, basil, mint, rosemary and strawberries, raspberries, kiwis etc
    -now in a pitcher mix
    -the Larger quantity: your favourite sweet white wine, champagne,and
    -the Smaller Quantity :passion fruit concentrate and or soda water
    -mix until you like
    -plop in those sweet crystal balls and more berries

  • Make it Extra Fancy!
  • -Before adding water sprinkle your choice of either:
    -Freshly pinched lavender buds
    -Freshly ground cardamom or add freshly grated ginger/nutmeg or cinnamon
    -1/2 tspn mint jelly

    -Ideally Serve In a honey crystal rim (place a horizontal slice of Andrew's HoneyComb on a plate) rim side down plunge into honeycomb>
    -withdraw and dip into (your spice)+raw fat sugar > place in freezer 1/2 hr before serving
    -With pastis or anise and instead of water add jasmine tea or chamomile or even shavings of your favourite apple!


  • Honey Ginger Ice-cream
  • -When making your ice-cream use greek yogurt and Andrew's honey comb and fresh ginger and garnish with roasted coconut

  • Nibbles of heaven

  • -Cut into small cubes, place onto sheets of wax paper and place any sort of topping
    -You can then cover in your own dark unsweetened chocolate, or plop them into water to freshen the sweetness

    Example: -Sprinkle lavender nibs; add to tea
    -Place orange rind and freshly ground cinnamon. cover in 70% melted cocoa and garnished with coconut shaving
    -Throw into blender with grapefruit as a morning juice
    -Add as a sweet garnish to a tequila sunrise or screwdriver at brunch
    -Place directly from freezer to mouth as a treat

  • Cheesecakes

  • when making your cheesecakes, before you add the cream on top of the crust add a layer of honey comb and your favourite nut or loose tea.

    Send us your favorite recipes and we will post them here!