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Whipped Honey is our best selling single item. It is heavenly. It is orgasmic. It is addictive. We have received reports of upright citizens trying our whipped honey, becoming obsessed with it, and before anyone knew it, they had depleting their funds and were stealing from close relatives (including grandparents) in order to finance their whipped honey habit.  Be warned.  It is amazing stuff and there is a reason people have fought over the last bottle.

True story.  At one market at Rockefeller Center, two women began a screaming match that escalated into a shoving contest over who would get the last bottle available.  Andrew was both proud and appalled.

Whipped honey is simply honey that has been whipped.  Nothing has been added (exept to the one with cinnamon – we add cinnamon to that one). Think of it as being similar to whipping cream to make butter, or whipping a red-headed step-child.  In fact, whipped honey is sometimes called creamed honey, or honey butter (ours contains only 100% amazing honey, or sometimes a whisper of cinnamon).  We take honey, we whip it. Hence the name.

It works best with fall honey since that has more Goldenrod nectar, which holds the texture better.  The basic steps in making it: we start with what we call a seed, which is already made whipped honey.  We put that into the liquid honey and serves as a template for granulation.  At room temperature, we thoroughly mix the honeys until the seed is evenly distributed.   Then we scoop it into containers and let it settle at about 57°F.  That’s about it. Eat it from fingers, friends, friend’s fingers, slices of apples or pears, on bread, atop vanilla bean ice cream. Just eat it. Store at room temperature.

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Weight 18.4 oz
Dimensions 2.875 x 2.875 x 3.5625 in

Original Whipped Honey, Cinnamon Whipped Honey



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