Welcome to the new Andrew’s Honey website!

March 27, 2015

Like Andrew himself, this website is an evolving work in process.  Not all pages will work.  Some links will fail.  But, there should be enough here to get you going.  Only the bees are perfect.  Enjoy.

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  • Robert says:

    LOVE IT ! That part about the “12 ft. sign” is great…need to check out the video

  • Joey Vargas says:

    I buy your honey all the time. I saw this and thought of you guys…

    Do you know anyone in NY that rent space to put there own beehive? I would love to have my own but we live in Sunnyside Queens and don’t have a place 🙁

  • Charlene Frank says:

    I bought UES honey. DELICIOUS! I had bronchitis and needed a teaspoon of honey each night before I went to sleep so I wouldn’t wake up coughing. it was a real treat and it worked.

  • ouanoughi Djamel says:

    Bonjour, je m’appelle Djamel, je suis un passionné “du Monde des Abeilles” j’aimerais goûter
    votre miel Andrew!? Ma soeur, part à new-York du 20 Janvier 2016, au 25 oû peux elle vous trouver exactement à New-York?! à titre personnel j’aimerais , prendre contact avec vous
    parler avec vous des “abellles d’apicultulture beesguider”.car le monde des abeilles me fascine
    un amateur éclairé, et passionné
    see you soon!.

  • Monique Govil says:


    We’d love to carry your honey in our museum gift shop at the Lockwood Mathews mansion museum in Norwalk .
    Please, contact me ASAP .


  • Jill gordon says:

    I am an entomologist living in NJ and working in NY as a consultant in the pest control industry. Your class on beekeeping sounds perfect – exactly what I was looking for.
    Sadly I can’t make this group of classes due to scheduling problems. Can you please let me know when your planning your next group of classes? The earlier I know about them – the more likely I can attend.
    Thanks so much
    Jill Gordon

  • Ursula C says:

    I use your honey exclusively. It’s like the real honey I grew up with in Lancaster County. Thanks for making quality honey available in Norwalk.

  • Just received some of this amazing honey (produced by Sasha) as a gift and flown all the way to Berkshire UK! It is really lovely!

  • Mike harrington says:

    Do you sell local honey

  • Huijen says:

    Are you still in business?

  • Will there be anything happening either on the HI LINE or within Chelsea Market July 17th?

    WE are escorting 100 Long ISLANDERS TO CRUISE ( from chelsea piers,) FIRST AND THEN ENJOY hi liNE AND cHELSEA MARKET.
    631-266-3339 litourguide@gmail.com