Honey that is unflavored and processed in a dedicated kitchen does not require a hecksher (kosher certification seal) at all.  If you don’t believe us, ask your rabbi. Or read on:

The Mishna in Tractate Bechorot states: “That which comes from something which is Tameh [non-Kosher] is Tameh, and that which comes of that which is Tahor [Kosher] is Tahor.” So generally speaking the product of a non-Kosher animal is not Kosher.

So why is honey Kosher?  The Talmud quotes a Beraita (a Halachic teaching from the time of the Mishna) which says: “Why did they say that bee-honey is permitted? Because even though they bring it into their bodies, it is not a product of their bodies [it is stored there but not produced there].”

All the Sages of the Mishna agree with this ruling. One of them, Rabbi Yaakov, disagrees with the reasoning. He claims that honey is Kosher based on his interpretation of Vayikra 11:21. According to him, the verse prohibits one to eat a flying insect, but not that which is excreted from it. Maimonides codifies honey as being Kosher, as does the Shulchan Aruch.

You may wonder: How could one even think that bee-honey is not Kosher — the Torah refers to the Land of Israel as “a Land flowing with milk and honey”! Certainly the Torah would not choose a non-Kosher product as a means for describing the beauty of the Land of Israel!  Honey is also one of only two foods that is kosher from a non-kosher animal.  Can you figure out what the other one is?

The one that you like the best.  Honey is like wine.  There is no one best honey.  In comparing honeys, first let’s assume that we are talking about 100% pure unheated honey (like Andrew’s Honey).  Then, it becomes a matter of taste.

We filter out the wax and the occasional bee wing, but, no, Andrew’s Honey is not filtered.  Filtration of honey generally refers to a system of hyper-filtration that removes all traces of pollen.  Andrew’s Honey is NOT filtrated in this manner – we just use cheesecloth to keep anything other than honey out of our bottles.  As for raw, yes, Andrew’s Honey is raw.  We never pasteurize our honey.  That would kill all of the healthy stuff that makes raw honey worth eating.

As true as it is delicious.  Andrew’s Honey is an excellent way to boost one’s immunity against seasonal pollen allergies.

No – why would we add anything to nature’s perfect food, the only food that never spoils?  Andrew’s Honey is 100% natural, pure, unadulterated, raw, nectar of the Gods.