Our Family

At Silvermine Apiary, LLC, home of Andrew’s Honey, our family have been keeping bees since the 1800’s.  Not exclusively, and not enough to always eke out a living in of itself, but there have always at least been bees buzzing in the background for over 130 years.  The bees were there on the dairy farm in northern Canada where Andrew’s great-grandmother cooked snails and skinned rabbits, or between shifts at the firehouse for Andrew’s father, Norm, in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Or now, where Andrew maintains beehives not only in Connecticut and New York states, but also in four of the five boroughs of New York City, including atop landmark buildings in Manhattan.  Like any active beehives, Silvermine Apiary is a family affair today, with Andrew’s brother Mike and nephew Patrick helping with the hives, Norm building equipment, working bees and selling at the markets, and Andrew’s mother Polly taking care of the books.  Other family members help from time to time when extra hands are needed.  All to bring you a quality product from a local family of beekeepers.