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A combination of very, very hot peppers and Andrew’s Wildflower Honey make this superb sweet heat for those of you who want to experience a new kind of honey experience.  Andrew teamed up with the folks at Eckerton Farms of Hamburg, PA, who grow the powerful peppers.  A combination of Carolina Reapers (named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s hottest chili pepper), Moruga Scorpion, and Ghost Peppers (the former hottest pepper in the world, before being unseated by the aforementioned reapers).

Andrew and his minions slice the peppers up (wearing gloves and goggles) and toss them into buckets filled with honey, and allow them to soak and saturate for a couple of weeks.  Then the explosive mixture is bottled and labeled with a hot pepper warning.  Still, the delicious honey diffuses a lot of the heat, so they heat factor, though certainly there, is about a 7.5 out of 10 on the heat scale that we ourselves made up.

We enjoy putting Andrew’s Hot Honey on ice cream (fire and ice) or over fried chicken or even on peanut butter sandwiches.  Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.  We are still learning how to enjoy it – enjoying and exploring.  We would love to know how you enjoy  it.

At the moment we only sell this honey in 8oz and 16oz glass jars.


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