Beeswax is the material used by honeybees in the construction on their combs. Normally beeswax is produced by young worker bees between 12-17 days old in the form of thin scales secreted by glands on the ventral surface of the abdomen. However some older bees can produce wax, dependant upon the state of their wax gland development. It is estimated that bees must consume 6-8 pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax.

The uses of beeswax are many. Some major uses of beeswax are cosmetics and candle making. Some minor uses are lotions, cold creams, ointments, salves, lipsticks, rouges, coatings for electrical apparatus, floor and furniture polishes, leather polishes, art and craft items and crayons. Carpenters often use beeswax in making fine furniture and for polish. It was the original ingredient in shoe polish also. Lots of starving artist types come and buy beeswax from us by the pound. We are always happy to see them and interested in how they always claim to have no money yet they have on fashionable and expensive clothing and accessories, and pay on average $18. per drink and are out all night. Still, we like them.

These are 8 to 9oz bags of 100% beeswax, in chunks, as pictured.

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Weight 9 oz


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