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Honey Comb is as close to the hive as you can get. This is pure, raw, unprocessed honey. The comb is cut directly from the hive and packaged, no processing is done. Each honey comb contains raw wildflower honey, a sweet and flavorful honey. Honey comb can be paired with a variety of cheeses and fruits. You can also chew the comb like gum.  For instance, toast a piece of your favorite bread or an English muffin. While it is still very hot, spread it lightly with butter. With a knife, cut a chunk of comb honey and spread it over the toast. You may have to mash it a bit, but the heat will soften the comb so it flattens into the toast along with the honey. It doesn’t melt, but becomes soft and aromatic. It is also good on hot biscuits, French toast, or pancakes.  Many of the upscale restaurants found on this site often serve comb honey in the center of a plate surrounded by a selection of expensive cheeses and multi-grain crackers. The idea here is to cover the cracker with a piece of cheese and top it off with a small chunk of comb. This works great with cheddar or brie, but any cheese will work.

Or just do as Andrew does and grab a fistful of it and eat it like a bear would.

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