Crystallized Blueberry-Wildflower Honey


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Taken from the tiny white flowers of the blueberry bush, the nectar makes a honey which is typically light amber or amber in color and with a full, well-rounded flavor. Blueberry honey is produced all over New England, though ours is from Connectiut. Many people believe that blueberry honey is honey to which blueberry flavor is added; this is not so.  Pure Blueberry honey is the result of bees gathering nectar from the Blueberry bush.  It has wonderful applications in sauces and baked goods.  It is a tad sweeter than some honey, like wildflower.  This crystallized variety is a mixture of blueberry and wildflower – the bees tried to make blueberry but did not quite stay consistent.  Their change of heart is your taste delight.

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