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Bee Packages for 2020. As of this writing, the pick-up date for both Norwalk, Connecticut, and Manhattan is Friday April 10th. This is subject to change! Exact pick up information will be posted closer to the pick up day and also e-mail to all who purchase.

Need packages of honeybees this season?  If so, keep reading.
As of this writing the bee packages are due to arrive on Friday, April 10th, in the morning.  This could change but we will not know until close to that time. It will not be earlier. It may be later. It may be on time.
NYC packages have an additional $10 charge for each to defray for the added cost of a third vehicle to bring them to Manhattan.
These are Italian bees, three pound packages.  Mated queens. Reputable breeder (Wilbanks Apiaries in Georgia).
Please note that one of our esteemed competitors in this area, Mann Lake, is charging $178.+ per package of 3lb Italian honeybees, that may also include for you a three hours drive each way to Pennsylvania to retrieve the bees.  The price of packaged bees has soared this year but we have either kept the price the same for the first 500 or added a $10 charge to cover the cost of bringing them into Manhattan.  We appreciate your patronage and support.
As of now there are fewer than 25 packages left available. As a general rule we tend to sell out by the end of February/ start of March, so while there is time, there is not a great deal of time.
Remember that even if your bees survive the winter, a package could be used to bolster the population for a quick spring build up.  Also, two packages may be combined to make one large colony to start (plus you’d have an extra queen to sell, trade, or to keep in reserve).
Happy Beekeeping!

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