3 lb Bee Packages


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Looking for a package of bees? You can order them now and reserve them for spring 2018. We will be updating this section as we approach the spring, but, suffice to say that last year we sold out of packages by February so if you want to be sure to get bees this year, then, the sooner you order the easier you can rest assured you shall have them come April.

Packages of Italian honeybees. Three pound packages, bred by a well established beekeeping family in Georgia, with mated queens, and to be delivered on the first load up from the south (we have bought packages from this family for so many years that we always get the first batch of bees). These are $160. per three pound package. Pick-ups in Norwalk, Connecticut, and in Manhattan. Locations and times TBA. No shipping.

**NOTE** The prices of these packages will change (increase)  the closer it gets to April, as demand increases and supply dwindles.  They started at $150., and are now $160.  They will increase to $175. on March 1st.