How about having your own bee colonies on your property, but not suffering the stings that go along with beekeeping? We can help.

Love honey but afraid of getting stung?  Not strong enough to lift a 100lb + deep of live bees and honey?  Too busy to wrangle your own bees?  No extractor, bottler, smoker?  We can do it all for you.  We put the bees on your building, in your community garden, on your estate, in your back yard, or wherever we agree works for you and works for the bees.  You just sit back, we absorb the stings, and you get the honey.  Write to us for more information.

Want to visit rooftop beehives?

Why take personal risks? Let Andrew be your sting-sponge.


Martha Stewart Andrew CotŽ

Why is Martha so happy? Where is Andrew’s hand?